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Insomniac Entertainment | Push Yourself To The Tomorrow’s Technology 																									Insomniac Entertainment													Push Yourself To The Tomorrow’s Technology																								  				Skip to content								HomeVirtual Phone NumbersCustomer ServiceSmall Business																					How Virtual Phone Numbers Work							Posted on December 6, 2013 by Admin											A virtual phone system operates much in the same way as a traditional land line, but the system is specific to the company and is operated by a dedicated virtual phone provider. The virtual phone provider stores the hardware for the system off-site, and the only pieces of equipment needed by the client company are ordinary phones and phone jacks.A virtual phone system offers several advantages over a traditional customer service phone line, and one of the most notable is the ability to have employees in multiple locations without the need for more than one phone number. Businesses can have multiple staffed locations, and all can share the same phone system, meaning that no messages will be lost or misdirected. Further, despite an employee’s physical location, he or she will be able to easily access his or her messages.Virtual phone systems also eliminate the dreaded busy signal. Any call made to the system will be directed either to an active line and real person, or to a specific voicemail. This can greatly assist in customer retention, as a client who receives multiple busy signals in a short period of time will almost inevitably stop calling. As well, a virtual phone system allows a company to set up an extensive automated attendant and menu, which allows clients to choose where their call would best be directed, or to whom it should be directed. Virtual phone systems can also be set up to use call hunting, which means that they will try to call all numbers in a sequence, or even all at once in an effort to find a real person, before finally proceeding to voicemail. This means fewer messages left and shorter wait times for customers. A virtual phone system will also allow a business to route calls to multiple locations so that customer concerns can be most effectively addressed and resolved.But no matter the type of system used, there will inevitably be instances in which clients will be directed to voicemail. Most customers have no issue leaving one or even two messages, but if a company does not call them back within a reasonable amount of time, their patience and interest in remaining with the company will begin to wane. For this reason, it is essential that messages received by companies be answered as quickly as possible. A virtual phone system allows companies to direct alerts of incoming voicemails, or even the voicemails themselves, directly to employees’ email accounts, ensuring that no messages will be missed and calls will be returned promptly.Virtual phone systems offer the flexibility of electronic communication methods such as email, but still retain the functionality of a true phone line. With a dedicated system provider ensuring that clients never receive a busy signal and with hardware stored off-site, a company will not have to worry about a system slowdown or failure. A virtual phone system comes with a large capacity for both phone numbers and messages, and most types of these systems will offer up times of between 95% and 99%, making them extremely reliable.A company without communication is a company without customers. Clients need to be able to reach representatives, and more importantly, reach the right people. Ineffective customer service can often be worse than no service at all, especially if customers feel that their needs are not being addressed or that they are not being treated fairly. A virtual phone system allows businesses to take as many calls as needed, direct them properly, and reply to them promptly; helping to ensure that top-notch customer service is provided																										Posted in Customer Service										|												Leave a comment																		Virtual Phone Number Advantages For Small Business							Posted on December 6, 2013 by Admin											A virtual phone number is one way that a small business may be able to increase sales without sacrificing a great deal of profit. Virtual numbers are phone numbers that are purchased through a provider and then routed to an existing phone line, PBX system, or voice mail account.